Speak with people across the country and find common ground.

Voice-chat anonymously.

Meet someone outside your bubble. We'll match you in 1:1s with someone anywhere in the country who agrees with you on one issue and disagrees on something else.

Join from desktop or mobile.

All conversations are voice-only and take place over WiFi through your browser on your desktop or mobile device. It's free to use! All you need is an internet connection.

Expand someone's mind!

We match you based on questions you answer about your opinions related to our country. Discuss political topics, tell stories about your life, and share your point of view.

It's our goal to connect people during a time when our country is growing increasingly divided. We believe transformation happens through spoken conversation.

PartyLine pairs you in a voice-chat with someone in any state to have a conversation about political topics. Your match is determined by questions you answer. (We pair you with someone who agrees with you on something, but disagrees on something else.)

You could match with someone in a city you've never been to before, someone with a completely different background than yours, or someone with a story that teaches you something new. We're opening channels to spark meaningful conversations between people who might not be like-minded.


Disagreements will come up. We suggest approaching the experience with kindness and curiosity, and creating space to listen.

After every call, you have a chance to write feedback, which will be read by moderators. This helps us make the experience better!

Please follow these guidelines.

Respect each others' privacy and anonymity.We don't tolerate harassment.You must be older than 13.
Breaking guidelines will result in a ban.

Conversation Tips

Listen to stories without interrupting.Begin the conversation with the topic you agree on.Ask your partner lots of questions.

Common Questions

What will my partner know about me?
They will only see your age and state. They won't see your name or any revealing information about you. They'll also see how you responded to different questions.

When can I talk?
PartyLine will be open at specified times and will run through the election. Opt for notifications if you want to know when it's active!

Can I change my answers?
Not right now. If you change your mind about something, just let your partner know! We'll also send you an optional survey when PartyLine ends to see if anything has changed.

Is there a time limit on calls?
You can talk for as long as you want.

Will this cost me anything?
We're keeping PartyLine completely free! If you'd like, there's a link to donate at the bottom of Dialup's website, who built this service.

Made by a team who facilitates connections between strangers.

PartyLine was created for the 2020 election by Danielle Baskin, Max Hawkins, and Max Goodhart, who also work on Dialup together.

We're thankful for the advice and feedback from Olivia Sandbothe, Deshani Gunathilake, Min Yoon, Allan Steiner, Matt Haze Kaftor, Kim Upstill, Dirk Liedig, Stephen Cataldo, and the Dialup community.

We used Pew Research Center and Hidden Tribes as a resource for our poll questions.

Questions? Contact us.